DDSTrack has enabled our group of 20 dealers to take our business to another level. This was the perfect solution that helped tie everything together and has made everyone in our group more productive and efficient! The development team was very knowledgeable and worked with us to customize our system to work effectively out of four different distribution hubs. We were able to recover our initial investment in the tool with the efficiency cost savings within the first 90 days of use. The great thing about this tool is that it was developed by real parts guys to be used by real parts people! I am excited to be involved with the continued improvement and evolution of this tool that will help all of us move more profit to the bottom line!
Paul Allred
Parts Director
Stateline Chrysler Jeep Dodge

The BIG PLUS for my people is PRINTED LABELS! We used to hand-write ALL the routing labels. My accounting department loves the daily reconcile. I like the reports that I can show to the general manager. Overall, a GREAT tool, and I would recommend it to others in our kind of business.
Don Yerby
Parts Director
Parkway Automotive

I have found the DDSTrack system to be invaluable to my daily business life because it is so easy to use. It frees me up to pull, pack, and ship orders. Because we have a small staff trying to do a lot of business, DDSTrack gives us a uniform way to print labels and fill out the manifest as well as track CODs. The amount of time we save using this system allows us to do more business faster. The ability for me to add a new customer and then another supplier in the co-op to do business with them is the best selling tool we have for OE Parts Express. We make every effort to either e-mail or send the latest line card with each order so our customers have the most up-to-date listing possible. Thank you for all you and your staff do to continue to improve this process, and we will continue to support you any way we can.
Brad Bivens
Wholesale Parts Director
Audi of Charlotte

DDSTrack has been a godsend to our co-op here in North and South Carolina. We went from copying and pasting Excel documents, which were e-mailed to each hub and then combined and printed for each driver, to a fully automated system. DDSTrack is easy and convenient and has cut our shipping time greatly. It has increased production and given us the reports and documentation we need to effectively monitor our progress. The return feature is awesome and gives full return documents and access to track customer returns. If you are currently engaged in a co-op or running shipments from multiple dealers, you need DDSTrack! You’ll be glad you switched!
David Kiser
Asst. Parts Mgr./Wholesale Mgr.
Stateline Chrysler Jeep Dodge