DDSTrack is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution designed to help manage shipping and delivery, customers, manifesting, and returns and also provides extensive reporting capability. This software has been developed by parts managers and provides sensible real life solutions that are field tested. Our software program has been operational since 2008 and has been constantly revised to improve functionality, ease of use, and pertinent information outflow. This is the second generation of this software and the first complete overhaul of the successful software program.


DDSTrack is a tool designed to help manage multiple daily same-route deliveries for small, medium, and large dealers. This product can manage deliveries the way YOU do business.

  • Push manifests to a smart phone and get real-time delivery updates or, if you prefer, use printed manifests and update times upon driver return.
  • Maintain records of deliveries for later reference.
  • Options exist to re-collect and re-deliver.
  • Add to an existing manifest or create new manifests for shipments.
  • Track delivery departure times and then see actual delivery close time.
  • Quickly manage customer delivery priority sequence.
  • Manage COD deliveries and attach accountability for payment collection.
  • Use report functionality to track standard delivery times, truck (route) efficiencies, customer purchase dollars, and number of deliveries.
  • Know where your drivers are and know ETAs to customers and back to the store so the next delivery can be staged.
  • Increase productivity sales doesn't have to call dispatcher, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Build business cases with your dealer for additional needs or justify existing delivery expenses.
  • Delivery sequence can be set up for each of your routes. Hit the manage route button to access the drop-down window. This is generally done during setup and doesn't have to be accessed on an ongoing basis. During the create manifest process, this can be changed by "drag and drop" as needed for exceptions.
  • Alternatively, for those using a delivery method, you can alter the delivery sequence for each delivery as part of the manifest process. The "hot-shot" delivery sequence is a one-time entry and will not alter the preset sequence. Therefore a combination of predefined routes with capabilities is also possible.

Customer Management

  • Upload customers from a .CSV file (which can be exported from Excel) created out of your dealer management system.
  • The initial customer list can be added, and you can update the customer list at any time. The program will not add duplicate customers if all data is the same.
  •  Individual new customers can be added on the fly by your dispatcher from information on the invoice. Click on the ADD CUSTOMER button if your customer is not listed.


Reports can be accessed from the CREATE REPORTS tab. All reports are available to download into Excel, or view as HTML for a quick on-screen check. These detailed reports were developed by parts managers and are useful and intuitive. Reports include:

  • Overall sales report for any defined time period.
  • Sales report for specific customer for any defined time period.
  • Sales report for a specific driver or truck for any defined time period.
  • Report actual delivery elapsed times by customer, driver, or truck and overall average for any defined time period.
  • Daily truck or driver efficiency reports.
  • Customers with no purchases within a defined time period (lost customer report).
  • Customer trend reports
  • Month-end reports.
  • Outside salesmen call reports with comments.


Returns can be managed and tracked several ways. Print return forms and labels, if desired.

  • The optimum method is to have the customer access the return tab directly and enter part numbers for specific invoices. This would immediately start showing on the popup window where the dispatcher chooses invoices to manifest.
  • Your customers can call in to their salesperson, who then enters a return request with each part number the customer needs to return.
  • Parts labels can be immediately printed to a label printer (not mandatory) and a return manifest will populate on the dispatch screen.
  • The dispatcher will manifest the pickup and issue labels to the driver on the next delivery going into that area.
  • The driver can call in from the customers site and have it entered to a specific manifest already printed.