With minimal training, dealers in a joint delivery group can compile one manifest, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased productivity.


Do you know your average delivery time to your customers? Do you only react when a customer complains? DDSTrack can help!


Want to compete for the mechanical wholesale business in your local market? DDSTrack gives you the needed help to overcome the slow delivery reputation that dealers sometimes have.


DDSTrack has enabled us to take our business to another level. This helped tie everything together, while increasing productivity and efficiency! We were able to recover our initial investment with the efficiency cost savings within 90 days. The great thing about this tool is that it was developed by real parts guys to be used by real parts people!

--Paul Allred, Parts Director, Stateline Chrysler Jeep Dodge


Mission Statement

The mission of DDSTrack is to facilitate wholesale parts sales for automotive dealerships by providing a system to better serve the needs of the wholesale customer. Every aspect of our business must help serve the wholesale customer at a cost that has a favorable cost-to-benefit ratio.

Why You Need DDSTrack

A joint delivery agreement with other noncompeting franchises can help in many ways. But one of the hardest problems to solve, and what keeps many from pursuing this as a delivery option, is the complexity of collating information quickly and accurately with the many different dealer management systems, the different skill levels of dealership personnel, and so on.

  • With minimal training, dealers in a joint delivery group can compile one manifest, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased productivity.
  • The right strategic partners can help expand your delivery area.
  • Build on other dealers relationships to increase your business.
  • Individual dealers information is password protected. Only approved and assigned administrator passwords can see all information.

DDSTrack is not just for delivery alliances. It can also be a great tool to help individual dealerships get into mechanical wholesale. Delivery time is a key reason that dealers are not number one on the call list. Use your delivery system to track average delivery time per customer and then manage it to increase sales. DDSTrack can help you build this important segment of your business.

If you don't know your average delivery time to each of your wholesale customers, and you only react when a customer complains, then you need DDSTrack!


Don Yerby

Parts Director, Parkway Automotive,

"The BIG PLUS for my people is PRINTED LABELS! We used to hand-write ALL the routing labels. My accounting department loves the daily reconcile. I like the reports that I can show to the general manager. Overall, a GREAT tool, and I would recommend it to others in our kind of business."

David Kiser

Asst. Parts Mgr./Wholesale Mgr.,
Stateline Chrysler Jeep Dodge

"DDSTrack has been a godsend to our co-op. DDSTrack has cut our shipping time greatly, has increased production, and has given us the reports we need to effectively monitor our progress. If you are currently engaged in a co-op or running shipments from multiple dealers, you need DDSTrack! You'll be glad you switched!"

Brad Bivens

Wholesale Parts Director, Audi of Charlotte

"I have found DDSTrack to be invaluable because it is so easy to use. It frees me up to pull, pack, and ship orders. DDSTrack gives us a uniform way to print labels and fill out the manifest as well as track CODs. The amount of time we save using this system allows us to do more business faster. "